Ben 10 Upgrade Battle

Vilgax and Ben 10 fight over the years with each battle being won by Ben. Vilgax is tired of it all and is now looking to end the fight permanently. He would get rid of the creator of the Omnitrix, so that it can't be repaired when it got damage. Your friend was following Vilgax the whole time and learned of Vlgax's evil scheme. He went to Earth to warn Ben all about it. Ben was surprise to see Tetrax after all these years, the latter told him all about the plan of Vilgax. Ben don't know what to do since don't have a space ship, but Tetrax told him that he just need to transform into upgrade and told him how it works.

The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to destroy ship. Of course, you do need to know how to control Upgrade, so you better follow the instruction at the start of the game. Upgrade can control other ships and it would take possession of the ship. By all means, you need to control this power because you would need it. Try to control other ships and you would be able to use its power.

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