Ben 10 : Driver

Ben is always chasing after some aliens, making sure that these aliens won't cause some trouble for us. Of course, not aliens are bad since most of them are working to keep the peace in our society and they are working in secret. PlUMBER's is an organization, wherein Ben belongs and is working closely with some harmless aliens. Not all aliens are hostile as there are some peaceful aliens living within the society and just want to live a normal life. Anyway, whenever Ben got tired of fighting some aliens, he always make driving his jeep as a way to get his mind out of the Omnitrix. He is living a normal life and he wants to enjoy it together with his jeep.

This game is all about his jeep. Your objective is to reach the finish line safely, which means that you need to reach it without any accidents. You need to be aware of everything while driving as you would get some warning when it would be dangerous. During that time, you need to observe and drive your jeep with care since the danger is there and it might cause the jeep to flip. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress.

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