Ben 10: Segway

Ben Tennyson is always busy fighting some aliens and his parents notice that he don't have time to play anymore. For a kid, who is growing up, this usual since most of his age like to hangout with friends. They fear that he won't be able to enjoy his time as a kid since they know that this would be a major setback on Ben when he grows older. They tell him to stop fighting some aliens for the time being and enjoy his childhood every now and then. This is not an easy task for Ben since he is used to fighting some aliens. But, Ben loves his parent and he knows that they only want the best for him. He search some ways to have a life other than fighting some aliens. It was hard at first, but eventually, he manage to find some recreational activity that won't involve some alien.

In this game, Ben is mounted on his segway mobile and you need to make sure that he won't get hit. The game can't be stop and you can't control where you would be going, but you can prevent an accident from happening by either jumping or crouching. If your life runs out then you fail the game.

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