Ben 10 - Monster Truck

Ben is always fighting some bad aliens and he would do it over and over again since that is the only way that he could stop them. The problem is bad aliens are not always coming to Earth since there are other planets to do their dirty deeds. Ben knows that he need to find other things to do since it would be boring not to do anything in a day. Be wants something that could use up his energy and would provide that feeling of being in danger since he feel alive whenever danger is around. It is not easy to find something that could interest Ben, but he manage to find one. It is a monster truck and everything about it would be dangerous.

In this game, you would need to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Your time is dwindling and you need to get to the finish line before your time is up. The road ahead won't be easy since it would be a dangerous trip for you. Luckily, your truck won't crash in this game, but it would be slowed down and time is at the essence in this game.

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