Ben10: Street King

Aliens or not, you need to protect your city from any danger. When the Forever King decided to rule the world, he knows that you would be a problem for him, so he ask some of his Hench men to take you out. You quickly learned the new threat to your life as one of the thugs confessed what the Forever King. Now, more than ever you need to be vigilant at all times because danger is always lurking wherever you are. You decided to take out the Forever King. It was a long and hard battle as the forever King is really tough. Finally, you are able to defeat him, but he is not the only threat that you need to face as there are other threats in the area.

The idea here is to take down every last one of them as fast as you can since they would hurt you. More would come as you make some steps, so you need to take them down as fast as you can. Grab some Omnitrix symbol since you can use it as throwaway items. There are times that you need to throw something at your enemy, but it doesn't always work, there are times that you need to beat em up the old fashion way.

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