Ben 10: Zombie Action 2

Ben Tennyson was out on a mission to another planet, so he wasn't aware that zombies have taken over the world. Most of his friends are probably zombies now, but there is no assurance that they have turned. Ben want to find them and relocate them to a safe place. Ben knows that he would be fighting lots of zombies and he is well-prepared for this. He can't use the Omnitrix as he might turn into an alien and got bitten at the same time. If that was too happen then it might well be, the end of the entire human race.

This game is about survival. You need to eliminate every zombies you see and there are no stopping anytime in this game. This is a continuous game and the only way that you can stop is if you want to upgrade your character. Of course, you can only do that if you have enough money. You can get money by killing zombies. There are other weapons in the game, but you need to pick them up. Your primary weapon is your machete. The game gets harder and more difficult, so you might want to upgrade your character every time you have enough money.

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