Ben 10 At the Dentist Game

Ben is always busy fighting some aliens and this means that he is using most of his energies. That is why; he always takes candies and chocolate to boost his energy wherever he goes. But, that has a consequence as your teeth would be damage if you eat too much sweets. That is what happened to our hero, now, he needs to go to the dentist since his teeth is aching. Upon arrival, the dentist found out that his teeth needs some major cleaning as well. He advice Ben to seat back and relax.

Ben won't be doing any fight scene in this game as this is all about his aching teeth. The game can be played with a mouse and the idea here is clean and clean any problem. Some of his teeth can't be save and you need to get rid of it, replace it with a false teeth. Of course, you need to save the other teeth since there are many options for you. Each device has a different purpose and you would know it by using it. You can see its use on the upper right corner of the screen. This game has no level, and you are finished once you decided to end it.

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