Ben10: Downtown Assault

Lucumbra is back with his minions and he wants to conquer the solar system . He had sent his minions to take over it. Ben learned about it and he can't just let it be since some of his friends are in there and being the member of PLUMBER that he is, he can't just sit back and let it be. He transform into Alien X,, which is the most powerful alien that he got to stop Lucumbra and put a stop to his plan. Ben knows that he can't handle this alone and he alerted the PLUMBER base, but he needs to hold them off till help arrive since the base is too far and it would take some time before the troops can get there.

In this game, you are alien X and you need to take each enemy on the screen as fast as you can. Grab some power-ups along the way because they can help in the mission. Each power-up has its own color and their power also varies. The Lucumbra aliens are not easy to get rid of you might be overwhelmed if you can't get rid of them fast.

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