Ben10: Cannon

Ben Tennyson has been battling the aliens since he was ten years old. That is a lot of times and during those times, his Omnitrix to broken several times, and when the aliens came, he can't depend himself. Thanks to the PLUMBERS, he is able to escape the scene. The PLUMBERS gave him a cannon to defend himself whenever he can't use the Omnitrix. With the cannon, he don't need to fear any of them anymore since he can fight back. Though, he can't take the cannon anywhere since it is too bulky. He just use it to defend himself from attacking aliens.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to hit the alien symbol. You don't need to worry as it would be always be there. Take as much time you need to get that since you would lose any ammo that you use that didn't hit the target. The game gets getting more difficult since there would be more. It would be harder to reach and there are times that you would need to utilize your environment to get the target.

Are you ready to defend your place and hit those targets?

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