Ben10: Space Invaders

Vilgax and Ben has been battling for years and now Vilgax is tired of it all. He sent in his armies to destroy Ben and his town. Ben knows that his town would not stand a chance, so he transform into Upgrade to do battle with Vilgax's army. The PLUMBERS is glad to help, but it would take some time before they can assemble an army that would help Ben. In the meantime, Ben would need to do battle with the alien forces and make sure that they can't get close to his town.

This game is derive from the old Nintendo game "Galaxian". The idea here is to destroy every last bit of the enemies. You would not be able to upgrade your ship despite the fact that you are using Upgrade. Nope, there won't be more enemies on the next few levels, but the speed of the enemies would be greater than before. You can hide in some of the structures formed underneath, but it won't last long, so you need to get rid of the enemies as fast as you can. The game would be more difficult as you make some progress. If you want more points then you must hit the giant mother ship that is passing-by.

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