Ben10: Nose Doctor

Ben Tennyson is tough and he have proven that many times before. He would never back out from a fight neither an alien attack. He have proven not only the time that he got the Omnitrix, but also, with how he used to handle the bullies at school when he was just little. Of course, the bullies won't be a problem anymore and the aliens are learning to recognize him as a tough guy that they don't want to messed with. However, when bacteria attack, even Ben can't do something about it. He need an specialist to handle it because he can't do everything on his own. When he is got itchy, he immediately went to the nose doctor to have a look at it.

The game is placed with a mouse and the idea here is to clean Ben's nose. If you think that this would be easy then think again since nothing in cleaning a nose is easy. You might get yourself hurt if you do it wrong. it would be better that you let an expert do it for you.
In this game, you need to help Ben clean his nose. You need to use different devices to do that. You need to follow some instructions on how to do it. The instructions are not written and you can only follow through watching an animated version.

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