Ben 10: Toon Challenge

It's that time of the year when all the cartoon characters gather up to have some good old racing fun. This day, they would stop fighting some bad guys and they would have some fun by having a race. All the cartoon characters from the cartoon world will come to race and find out who is the best among them. The prize is not that much, but it means everything for the character since he would have the bragging rights to anything and everyone can't argue about that. They would have to wait for a year before they can have that title once more. Anyway, Ben surely want to win it and be declared as the only one who can brag for the whole year.

In this game, you can't pick a character as you would be Ben Tennyson and the idea here is to defeat the whole heroes in a race. They would get a head start and you need to overcome them. Each time you overcome a hero they would turned into a pile of grass. Of course, you can only get to the next stage if you are able to defeat all of them. The game gets harder as you make some progress.

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