Ben 10: Omniverse Snare Oh

Perhaps one of the unusual characters in Ben's Omnitrix is Snare Oh since he looks like a an Egyptian Mummy. Ben never thought of him as an alien, when he first encountered their kind. He only find out that it was an alien after he was able to transform to it since the Omnitrix somehow got a DNA of the alien. Ben first thought that it was a curse, but soon the Omnitrix change him back to a person once more and that was when he realizes that it was an alien. Since then, Snareoh was one of his favorite alien-transformation in his arsenal of aliens.

In this game, you need to get to the other side. To get there, you need to jump from one floating rock to another. You might think that it easy, but you need to calculate how much power you need to do that. No, you can't use a bandage like in the cartoon since the idea of this game is jump from platform to another platform. The game gets more difficult as you make some progress since you need to jump loner and you need to calculate how much force you would need to get to the other side.

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