Ben 10: Alien Twins Game

Ben is popular in almost all the regions of space, gaining him lots of friends. His Omnitrix is even gaining more power as he is now capable of transforming into more than 10 different aliens at a time. However, he can't choose which alien to transform into as that is a random. Fortunately, he has lots of friends that would help him to become successful at every adventure he is undertaking. Since, he can transform into different alien, he can pretty look like his alien friend. If you don't know them well, you might think that they are twins since they look alike.

This game is about twins and the idea here is to match the alien that looks like the other. However, you can only do that two aliens at a time and there would be a time limit, so you need to be in a hurry if you want to finish this game. Remember that there must not be any alien in between the two look-alike or that won't count at all. There are no levels here as this would be a one time play, which mean that after you finish the game, there would be no more, but you can repeat the game if you want.

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