Ben 10: Heroes United

Ben is one of the most powerful heroes that we have and he is well-known in our universe. He have fought countless evil aliens before and one of them is Psyphon, who used to work for Vilgax. Vilgax is not here now, but Psyphon came back to take revenge, bring his own army. Ben is not happy about it as he have to fight countless alien once again. The fighting won't stop till he defeat Psyphon since he is the boss of the aliens. This mean that Earth is under danger and Ben cannot sit back and just let it be, he needs to do something about it.

In this game, you can transform into three different aliens, but the other alien form would need some recharge for you to use their powers. Don't worry though, as the stamina goes back. Each level would have a boss and you need to defeat that boss to proceed to the next level. You can expect that next level would be even be harder than the last time. Don't expect that things would as the monsters in every level would vary and they would surely beat you if you are not going to be careful.

Are you ready to defend the world against those evil aliens?

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