Ben 10: Jumping High

Ben Tennyson was just an ordinary kid, who was always get pick on since he was a kid jut because he is little. But, he never backs out from a fight despite the fact that he was absolutely no match against the other kids because he was smaller than them. One day, while he was with his grandpa Max on a vacation he saw something in the forest and he followed it. He found a watch to where the meteor landed and he was transformed into a burning alien. At first, he thought that he was burning up, but the truth is that it is an alien with the powers of a fire. He manage to learn how to control the Omnitrix and since then, he become a hero.

In this game, you won't need to turn into an alien to become a hero since you are not going to fight anything. Though, you are already Heatblast, the idea in this game is none his power can be of help since the idea in this game is to jump as high. You can only jump as long as there are some omnitrix symbols that you can land on. Once, you fall down, the game would be over.

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