Ben 10: Bike Rush

Ben is traveling from a lot of different location. During his travel, he makes lots of enemies, but there are also times that he would make some friends. Most of them are aliens and each one possessing different powers. Of course, Ben is able to transform into them since he got the Omnitrix. Anyway, he is making some friends and most of the time, he is invited into some event, wherein he needs to participate to win something. He can't participate in all of them since he don't have the skills needed, but one of his favorite competition is a bike race. As such, he is making sure that he have some time to practice in his bike whenever he have some time.

In this game, you need to ride your bike and drive it as fast as you can. You need to get to the finish line as soon as you can. However, that won't be easy since there are a lot of loop in the track that you would need to conquer. It means that you need to control your bike all the time to make sure that you won't crash. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress.

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