Ben 10 - Math Game

Ben is always on the battlefront as he is always making sure that no aliens would do us harm and vice-versa. He makes the world peaceful, so both could live in harmony. Of course, most of these aliens would be in disguise, so that they couldn't be detected by humans as most of us aren't use to the fact that aliens live among us right now. But, Ben isn't making money from being a hero, so he needs a real job. Ben was lucky enough to get hired as a math teacher for a kindergarten class. Today, he need to teach his class about addition and subtraction.

In this game, you would be doing addition and subtraction. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to drag out the correct answer to the box. There are no timer in this game, so if you are not good in math, you should take your time. You would see how many correct answer you have since you would get a star on each correct answer. If you manage to get enough correct star then you win the game. The game doesn't have any level, so you would need to do it all over again to enjoy it once more.

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