Ben10: Train Champ

Ben was invited on a train since there was some anomaly going there. The owner believes that it has has something to do with aliens since he can't explain what is happening. However, the sad thing is that Ben's Omnitrix is still damage and would need to be repaired. Asmutt hasn't come yet, so it would take a a few weeks before the Omnitrix began functioning again. While Ben was investigating the anomaly in the train, he felt it like it was watching him. Soon, the anomaly become violent and that is enough for Ben to run away. Ben knows that he can't do something without his Omnitrix and this is a bad timing for him. He should have stayed home since he can't do anything right now.

The idea here is to run as fast as you can. You need to cover lots of ground. No, you won't see something chasing you, but the screen would come crashing in you if you are not able to move as fast as you can. Generally, the only time that the screen can catch up to you is when you are caught in some obstacle which would not allow your character to move. Your character would run on its own and all you need is to jump to prevent from being crushed by the screen.

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