Ben10: Super Squad

Mojo Jojo is up to his evil deeds once more as he has stolen the Null void projector. This has given Ben lots of problem as there are lots of powerful evil creatures coming in from a different dimension. As if the aliens aren't a problem enough, now, he needs to deal with an army of dimensional beings. There is only one hope and that is to unite most of the heroes against the evil beings. But, this won't be easy since Aggregor has joined Mojo Jojo and the other heroes are not up to it since they haven't have the training for such event. You need to train them first before they can be ready for anything.

To prepare for anything, you need to train the heroes in a game of catching balls. The mechanics are simple as you just need to alert the guy to which the ball would be thrown. You just need to click on the character to alert them. There would be no levels in this game as once you finish it, there won't be any, but it is sure a lot of fun. You would know to where the ball would be thrown since the screen would alert you.

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