Ben 10 in War Situation

Ben has found himself stranded in a deserted island, but actually it isn't deserted at all as there are some kind of aliens living in it and they are hostile. The aliens look like walking brain and they would attack you once they see you. This is not a good time for Ben to be hanging with these guys, especially, since his Omnitrix is not working at all. Ben would need to wait for Asmutt to come and fix his device before it can be use again. Fortunately, Ben is able to find a weapon, but it won't be of much help he decides to go on and take all of them at the same time. He would need to be stealthy and take them on one at a time.

The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to get to the other side. That won't be easy since there would be aliens that would attack you if you get close to them. There are also some kind of laser guns mounted in a platform that would fire at you if you are within reach. The game gets harder and more interesting as you make some progress.

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