Ben10: Sea Monster

Something has awaken in the dark deep sea and has cause most of the shark in a feeding frenzy. It might be that he have taken most of their food supply and the shark has no choice , but to attack the humans. Ben is ask to investigate the matter as the water is becoming so dangerous for the humans. Ben need to know what has cause them to act this way. Little that Ben knows that there is a sea monster that is behind all of this. Anyway, Ben knows that he can't talk to the sea monster peacefully, so he need to take it down for good. Those monster must not reach the shore or they would surely feed on the humans.

The idea of the game is to protect the coastline as such you need to make sure that none of the sharks or the monster ever reach the coastline. Whenever they are able to pass your defense, you would lose a life. You can't transform into an alien in this game, but you can shoot a fireball that won't be dissolve in a water. The game would be harder and much more difficult as you make some progress.

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