Ben10: Zombie Survival

The zombies are out and they are not going to stop till there are no one left. Ben is sent to the scene, but Ben wouldn't use the Omnitrix since he might get turned into a zombie when he is an alien. A Ben zombie is much harder to stop and this would make the lives of people more difficult than it is already is. Ben got his light saber with him and a few laser guns that he can use to fight the zombies. Hopefully, this would be enough to stop the zombies.

In this game, you are not going to see him chance into an alien. Instead, you would start with alight saber to defend yourself. Occasionally, you would see a laser gun falling from the sky. You might lose some life while battling the zombies and that is why, there would be some blood falling from the sky. The blood would refill your life bar. Sometimes, zombies would left some money and you need to pick them as fast as you can. The games gets more exciting as it is since you can buy more weapons along the way. Also, there would be more powerful zombies to fight with as you make some progress.

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