Ben10 Baseball Challenge

When a local baseball hero came to Ben's town, he makes fun of Ben since he thought that Ben is doing nothing. Ben can't say anything about how he deals with alien since most people aren't even aware that they exist. He knows that he would need to prove himself somehow. He need to learn how to play baseball and be good at it since that is the only way that the basher would stop. He needs to become good, but he don't have that much time since he need to stop the aliens from doing something wrong in our world. He would need to insert baseball practice to his schedule somehow.

In this game, you won't need the Omnitrix since there are no alien activities and you won't certainly need to prove yourself to someone. The idea here is to hit the target with the ball and that won't be easy since the target would be suspended on air. Sometimes, it would be hidden on plain sight and you would need to use the wall to bounce the ball to the target. The game would be even harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

Think, you are up to the challenge?

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