Ben 10 in Viktor's Castle

Viktor is the scientist that was later revealed to be a Frankenstein alien. He is accompanied by the werewolf and mummy alien, which are doing his bidding. At first, Ben didn't know that the trio are alien and he was very afraid of them, but eventually, he was able to gather their DNA and was able to turned into them. Soon, he was able to defeat the three and the threat of the three is finally over. However, Viktor was later uncovered frozen in ice. The master of the Forever night wants the body for himself since he was too old and the body of that alien would not only give him the strength, but also the power of an alien Frankenstein monster.

This game has something to do with the quest to fight the Forever Knight's master in Viktor's body. The idea here is to get to the other side and you might think that it would not be a challenge since it is rather easy at first. But, you'll notice that it would get harder and more difficult as you make some progress. To play the game, you need the mouse, which you can control to put the box and rectangle objects in place.

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