Ben 10: Vilgax Takedown

After a long and tiring battle with Vilgax, he is finally defeated. Now he is being transported to the prison planet, where he would stay for a long time. But, something happened on his way to the prison planet as the ship that was taking him there was attacked. The ship crash landed and now, Vilgax will escape. Ben knows that he need to recapture Vilgax before he can escape. If that should happen then that would be a big problem since the villain would surely go back to his old evil deeds.

The idea in this game is to take down Vilgax, but first you need to catch to him. That would be a long time since Vilgax keeps on going to another place. There would be lots of robots and blaster that you need to destroy. There are times that the you can't hit the target as it is well hidden. You need to use the reflection and the mirror to do that. The game is not easy and it won't get easier as you make some progress. There is no guarantee that you can catch up to Vilgax unless you are able to pass all level.

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