Ben 10 - Parashooter

It is been hidden for months, but now the PLUMBERS were able to detect come alien presence in the area. Ben was sent in to investigate the matter and to see if those alien are indeed hostile. They might be or might be a threat. Ben's Omnitrix was broken that time, so he is just depending on his blaster to defend himself. Upon getting close, he immediately found out that the aliens were not there to live in peace. They were planning to exterminate the humans. The aliens found out about him and plans to kill them. Ben know that he need to land his parachute and report to the nearest base. They would know what to do, but things are not that easy as he was being targeted by the aliens.

The game is played with a mouse and a keyboard and the objective here is to land safely, but that won't be easy since are aliens a blasting at him. Also, there is a huge fan that would prevent you from landing. You need to find and destroy it n order for you to land safely. Otherwise, the enemies would just keep on coming till you are destroyed.

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