Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Defense

The aliens have landed on one of the base of the PLUMBERS and Ben is the only one there to defend the base. Ben don't know what to do and his uncle is so far away. The other alien defenders are not there right now, so it is up to Ben to hold them back. At least till help arrive because Ben can't hold them fora long time. For now, all that Ben can do is to hold out the attacks and pray that he can survive till help arrives. Ben would need all the firepower that he could muster out from his alien changing device to defeat a massive fleet of aliens.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to defend the territory from alien attacks. You would need to place the alien defense to where the invaders would come from. Blocking their way and making sure that none of them are able to get through your defense. You would earn some form of cash from each kill that your defense can accomplish. You can use the currency to buy more alien defenders. Aside from the currency, you can also expect t find some sumo slummo cards, which you can use to upgrade your towers with.

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