Ben 10: Ship Pilot

Ben Tennyson has gone places ever since he first discovered the Omnitrix. He have traveled to many strange land before, but there is nothing stranger than this planet he is right now. He can't seem to understand this land as if it is made out of a game. Well, it can be resembled to Super Mario's land. Unfortunately, for him, his Omnitrix is not working since he just use it recently, He need a few hours to use it again. He would have to depend upon his ship to navigate through the planet.

In this game, you would need to drive your ship through the land. Take note that you won't be flying it as you would be driving it to the land. You might think that it is easy if you haven't' tried it, but it won't be that easy, especially because it is so light. The ship would be hard to control and it might fall on its back, so you need to be extra-careful while driving. Grab as many coins as you can along the way. The game gets more difficult as you make some progress. You can repeat the game in the middle of the play with the "R" button.

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