Ben 10 Cloud Jump

Ben is always serious and Grandpa Max notice this. He told Ben to have at least one hobby, so that he can enjoy his life a little more. Ben tried lots of sports, but he didn't find what he is looking for. One day, he was staring at some clouds and notice that they are going down. He jump on it and he was able to get up. Though, the cloud didn't last long. He thought of jumping from one cloud to another to see how far he can go. Since then, it become his pastime. Going down isn't a problem for him since he has the Omnitrix and he can transform into an alien he likes to break the fall.

This game is played with a mouse. The idea here is to get as high as you can. The game ends once you fall down from the sky. There are no level in this game and you can go as high as you like. However, doing that is another story as that is not easy since the clouds are disappearing as fast as you jump on it. You need to move quick for you to get at a high elevated place.

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