Ben 10 War on Amazon River

The Amazon river is one of the longest river in the world. It is almost impossible to explore and might have something that it hides among the people. Some people believes that it has some monsters since it is too long and too wide. However, the government is pretty much interested and they don't want people to go there, so they make it to their private turf. However, Ben is out there to investigate an alien anomaly when he was attacked. The government would do everything just to make sure that no one would be there.

In this game, you need to drive your way through the Amazon river. There would be lots of dangers like the floating explosives, man-eating sharks and the patrolling marines. You can't do anything about the floating explosives, but to make sure that you don't' touch them. Other things like the marines and the shark could be shot down. It would be a long and dangerous ride, so try to make it through all the way. There are some power-ups that could help you in your quest. The game becomes harder and much more difficult as you make some progress.

Are you ready to explore the Amazon River?

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