Ben 10 - Blood Days

The dead are once again rising from their grave and they are feeding upon the flesh of the living. This sure look like from a movie, but this is the truth and they would surely kill most of the inhabitants of the world. Ben got shocked when he found out about it and this is a bad timing since Omnitrix is being repaired by Asmutt. For sure, his alien power would come in handy. Ben was fortunate enough to find a gun to which he can use to defend himself with. He sets out some perimeter defense to make sure that there would be a distance between him and the zombies.

The idea here is survival thus, you would need to defend yourself against the rampaging zombies. The zombies would be destroying the barrier and when the barriers are gone then they would go after you. Don't worry there are several guns that you can find between battles and there are certainly survivors in the area that can help you to fight the zombies. You need to take out those zombies as fast as you can. Don't forget to repair the barricades after every level. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.

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