Ben 10: Super Jumper 3

Ben is one of the most famous hero that we have since he is the only that can transform into some aliens. Truly, his skills is one of the best and that is why, he hasn't lost to any alien that wants to conquer the world. At least, those aliens that wants to conquer the world that includes our own planet. Ben has save many alien before against hostile alien, but he always make sure that nothing bad would happen to his home planet, Earth. This shows his devotion to his home planet as he would never let any alien dominate this planet, despite the fact that there is the group known as PLUMBERs to protect our planet.

This game might not show you anything about his alien changing power, but you would really enjoy this game for sure. The idea here is to grab as many alien balloon as you can without falling down. While the jumping part is uncontrollable, you can control the platform to which, you would be catching Ben as he falls down. It would also act as a bouncer since Ben would just bounce from that platform. The game gets harder and much more difficult as you make some progress.

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