Ben10: Omniverse Balls

Ben always fight with his Omnitrix since his nemesis are that powerful. He would need his device to transform into an alien to be able to fight them. Without it, he would be defenseless and can't fight them head on. He might have the balls to do it, but chances are, he would just get beaten. What is even worst is that he might actually die. Not a great idea, since he can't fight aliens without his Omnitrix. So, when alien that is producing deadly balls came to town, he can't do anything, but to dodge it since he can't transform without his Omnitrix.

The idea of that game is to dodge the bubbles, but you won't get any score if you just stay away from it. You need to cross the room with the bubbles jumping up and down. Just make sure that the bubbles won't touch you as you cross it. There would be more bubbles as you make some progress. The game would be over as soon as any part of your body touches the bubbles. Sure, it is hard, but that is the challenge that you need to overcome if you want to go further in this game.

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