Ben 10 Rampage Game

Ben was doing his usual stuff, which is to go to his school, but he noticed something were off and he began investigating. He found out some electric like aliens were draining the electric. He just need to step in and put a stop to it since there won't be anyone to do that. It would be easier if he got the Omnitrrix with him, but the problem is that it is broken and it would take weeks before it can be returned to him. He just don't have the luxury to wait for that long. He need to act now or the aliens would escape with what they have done.

The game is played with a keyboard. In this game, you can't change to any alien and you would need to depend upon your fist and kicks. The idea here is to beat your enemy till they fell, but don't let them touch you since that would harm your character. You don't have the luxury of an alien transformation here. You don't any guns with you as you need to beat them till they are out. The game gets harder as you make some progress.

Can you handle this game?

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