Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Defense Game

Ben can transform into different form of aliens, but he can only transform into one of them one at a time. When a group of aliens attack the base, they are into a surprise as there are more Omnitrix that they need to handle. Each alien has it and they can morph into any alien they want. It turns out that the Omnitrix that Ben has its just the prototype and now is has been developed into far larger needs. Those invading aliens are a no match against an army of alien transforming army to defend the PLUMBER’s base.

In this game, the idea here is defense. You need to set your defense early and since your power to create an army is limited, you need to think through where you would put it. Don’t worry about that though in the fist few levels since you would only need to defend a few area. As the level rises, your area that you would need to defend rises with it. Anyway, just like any game, you would have the chance to upgrade your defender. You would also unlock other defenders that can help in fighting aliens. The game becomes harder and you need to defend your area well.

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