Ben10 Madness

It has been months since Ben have seen some action and he is very anxious to get into action. There were no alien activities, well, at least those aliens that are causing some trouble aren’t visible, but life goes on with the good alien and Ben knows that they are not to be harmed. The police are having some trouble with some rich kids that are causing them trouble on the road. They can’t just catch up to them, they need someone, who is a daredevil that can be at par with them. They need someone like Ben on their side.

The idea here is to destroy all of your target, but it doesn’t mean that you would be indestructible as it would cause some damages to your car. You need to avoid bumping into other cars since you are not indestructible. The only way that you can destroy your target is through bumping it several times. Don’t worry about your car getting damaged as you can repair it with the Omnitrix symbol. However, the bad thing is that you can’t always see it. As you make some progress, there would be more cars to chase. Needless to say that it would be harder as you make some progress.

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