Ben 10 Vs Rex Bike Competition

Ben and Rex are one of a kind. Not only they can transform their bodies, but they also share the same passion. By, that, I don’t mean fighting bad guys because that would be too obvious. Both of them like to raise their adrenaline and they can only do that when their fighting some bad guys, but since they are buddies, they don’t want to hurt one another. The only sport wherein they could do that is with a bike race. Of course, this is taxing on the body and you need to be physically fit to enjoy it.

The game is played with a keyboard and general idea here is to arrive at the finish line first. Before that, you need to choose which character you would be. Nope, you won’t be stuck with just Ben as you have the power to choose which character you want. Of course, they would be the same, but at least, you have chosen your favorite hero. The game won’t be easy as you are bound to crash if you won’t take some necessary precautions while driving. Don’t’ think that this would be easy just because those two are cartoon characters. The game becomes more challenging as you make some progress.

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