Ben 10: Extreme Truck

Ben can always rely on his Omnitix whenever there are trouble, but the problem is that his Omnitrix is broken and it would take a week to repair it. Too bad for him since his mission can't wait any longer. He need to deliver some stuff to a refugee camp and the road ahead is filled with alien bat-like creatures. This creatures are ready to suck the blood out of anyone who is foolish enough to cross their path. Ben rides the truck to make sure that he makes it to the village alive, but even that won't guarantee his safety. He ask some of the scientist from the PLUMBER to put a shied on the truck. The sad thing is that the shield don't last long.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Of course, you can't get there if your truck explodes. That is why; you need to use the shield to protect you from any harm that might come your way. There would be lots of mountain along the way and you need to control your truck well. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress.

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