Ben 10 Ultimate Humongousaur Giant Strength

Humongousaur is one of the strongest that Ben can transform into. It is still unclear on where did he find the DNA to extract it from or when it started, but everyone would agree that this alien in the strongest or one of the most strongest so far. The alien can grown even larger than it is. There are other strong aliens on the watch, but this is so far Ben’s most favorite alien since he often uses it. In fact, Ben never uses Four arms again since he acquired this alien. It is not clear whether this alien is more stronger than the latter, but Ben surely likes this one better than the rest.

In this game, you would need to break some cars in one go. You need to wait for the right time to do that since the strength meter would determine how many cars are you able to break. The idea here is to break those cars and you can’t get to another level if you aren’t able to reach the number of breaks that you need to do. Don’t worry about the cars as they are replaced after being broken, so there are lots of cars that you need to break to get to the next level.

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