Ben 10: Omniverse Desert Racing

Ben 10 want to have a break since those alien are always following him around. He never gets to have fun since all he does is fighting. He asks some of the alien from the PLUMBER base to where he could have a relaxing time. All of them agreed that the desert is one place where he could have a good time since most alien would not want to be there. They would want something that is not as hot as the desert. Ben knows that he found his secret spot, but if he wants to enjoy it then he need to do something. Since, he likes riding bike, he thought of doing it in the desert.

In this game, the idea is to ride a bike. Of course, the desert is one of the most unforgiving place that you could ever be. But, luckily, you won’t even feel it as it is just a game. To make it harder, it has some slopes that you need to overcome to get to the finish line. That won’t be easy since it would be hard to control the bike as such slope. Expect that the game would be even harder than ever as you make some progress.

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