Ben 10 Parking Game

Being a hero doesn’t mean that Ben can break the rules as he still needs to abide by it. As such, when he was a kid, he wasn’t allowed to drive a car, except a bicycle. He need to be of regular ago to do that. Now, that he is at the right age, he won’t miss this chance since, he would finally get his driving license. But, first, he needs to prove that he is responsible and can handle a car. Ben knows that this chance is rare and he don’t want to make a mistake since it would take him another year to be able to get a license to drive a car.

In this game, you just need to park the car at the open parking slot. Don’t worry since it is highlighted, so you won’t miss it. The game is not as easy as you might think since it need to be precise. You need to beat the clock or you would fail the game and you won’t move on to the next level. The game gets much more harder and challenging each time you make some progress and move on to another level.

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