Ben 10 Omniverse Puzzle

Ben always relies on his alien transformations whenever he is in trouble. Anyway, that is the perk of having the Omnitrix and he is the only one that can operate the said alien device. He got lucky to find in the middle of the forest. No one knows if it is just pure luck or it is fate that he was able to find it that day while spending some quality time with his grandpa. One thing is sure, whenever he transforms into an alien, he can accomplish some great deeds that won’t be possible if weren’t for the alien device.

In this game, no, you won’t be using the Omnitrix since this is just a puzzle and the idea here is to form the picture. You would get the time to see the actual picture. When you are ready then you should start scrambling it. Of course, the idea here is to put it back together as fast as you can. There is a time limit and if you can’t out it back together within the allotted time then you fail the game. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress. Are you ready to assemble some puzzle?

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