Ben 10: Alien Differences

Of course, by now, you probably know about Ben since he has save the world countless time already. The Omnitrix has gone through several transformation itself. Now, it is called the Ultimatrix since it is more powerful than before. Sure, it look the same, but it is more powerful. As mutt made it that way, so it would be suited for an older Ben Tennyson. Actually, Ben is just in his teen years, but you can actually see the growth in him. Over the years, has had hanged partners a lot of times. And during those years, there are instances when Gwen wasn’t around since she got a different life now, but they are still friends since Gwen did returned and has help him fight some powerful beings.

Enough talk with that as this is just a game. This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to spot the differences. Well, you need to click on them to reveal what is the difference between the two pictures. There are quite some differences in them. Of course, since this is a challenge, you need to find them before all the hearts are gone. You can use the cheat, but it can only reveal up to three different locations.

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