Ben 10: Lava Fantasy Escape

Ben Tennyson was supposed to have fun since he is on a trip, instead, he found out that it is not fun at all that is awaiting him. Something went wrong with the facility and Ben find out that he is trapped in a lava pit. Ben would want to transform and turn into an alien, but his car would be left there whatever he does since he can’t save it. He realizes that transforming into an alien is not an option at all since he can’t because his Omnitrix is recharging that time. Ben knows that he need to get out of there or he would be toast. He got on his car and drive as quickly as he can.

In this game, you would need to help Ben get out of there. This is some kind of detective work and you need to think it out if you want to get out there. It won’t be easy as you need to find things that would be hard to find. There is no clue on what it is you need to find, but you need to find them as quick as you can. There is no timer here, but you don’t want to play that long because you would get a head ache.

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