Ben 10 New Mission Game

Ben is always in danger as there are aliens and people that are after him. Thanks to his Omntirix, he is able to defeat them, but he can’t always rely on it since it can broke one day. When that happens, he can’t transform into an alien. The PLUMBERs gave him a blaster, which he can use anytime he want. On his new mission, he don’t have the luxury of using the Omnitrix since it is being repaired by Asmutt. No one know when it would be repaired, so Ben can’t wait for it, he need to do the job now.

In this game, you can’t use the Omnitrix, which means that you can’t transform into an alien. Alien you have is your blaster and you need to use it often. Those alien would really do damage on you. You need to blast them before they can get loser to your character. You need to explore the area more so; you can see how to get to the finish line or portal. Take note, you don’t need to blast all the enemies on sight since some of them can’t do harm to you if you stay away. Of course, you can always blast them if you want to and that won’t affect the game.

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