Ben 10 Fireman Game

The aliens are attacking and nothing can stand against them. Well, except for Ben who got the power to transform into different aliens. He would make sure that those aliens would not be able to cause troubles for us. At least the bad ones as there are good and bad ones like human beings. Aliens do got their personalities and we should know them before judging them. One of the popular alien transformations that Ben could turn into is Heatblast. He always use this alien for some reason. You might not understand it, but he is clearly one of the most popular alien that is.

In this game, you are Heatblast and you won’t even need to transform into an alien since you are already Heatblast. The idea here is to blast those aliens that are planning to take over the world. Now, some aliens are easy to blast since they are in the open, but others are hidden well and you do need to use the environment that you have in order to get them. The game doesn’t have a timer and you have all the time in the world. The game becomes more challenging as you make some progress.

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