Ben 10 Vs Santa RAcing

A month from now, Christmas would be here and kids would be expecting their gifts from Santa. They have waited for it all year long and they would be disappointed if Santa can’t give them the gift for the holiday. But, before that day, Santa has some time for some recreation and he have invited Ben Tennyson to come play with him. Santa is a daredevil and since Ben and him likes driving a monster truck, they opted to drive their monster truck as fast as they an. Of course, no one knows who would win as it is not over.

In this game, you are Ben and you need to beat Santa in this competition. Don’t worry as you are not going to disappoint some children as this has nothing to do with that. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can, or at least before Santa beat you to the finish line. If that happens, then the game would be over and you don’t have another shot at it. If you won then the game would have another match and you can beat Santa again. Of course, the following levels would be much more harder and challenging from the previous.

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