Ben 10 Vs Aliens Game

The alien known as Asmutt created the Omnitrix to help people know what it means to be an alien. When the alien warlord Vilgax find out, he tried to seize it for himself. Asmutt didn’t want it to fall in the hands of the galactic warlord, so he sent it far away and hopefully Max Tennyson would find it and would put it to good use. Apparently, didn’t reached Max as it landed on the hands of a 10 year old boy known as Ben Tennyson. When Ben first find out about it and turned into Heatblast, he got confused and started to run in the forest, which started the fire outbreak. Luckily the fire was contained. But, now, Ben needs to lean to use his new powers as Vilgax is after it.

However, in this game, you won’t be transforming into an alien as you would be blasting those alien freaks with your blaster. The idea here is to get to the desired location. There would be lots of aliens along the way and they would try to stop you. That is where the alien tech comes in handy as you could use it to depend yourself. The game becomes harder as you make some progress.

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