Ben 10 at the Coloseum

Ben is a fighter and he want to prove it that he don't need the Omnitrix to fight aliens, especially since he is on a battle word right now. He don't need to transform into an alien since he got a sword to fight with and even got an alien ride to go with it. Battle world is where the toughest alien go to prove themselves. He would need to defeat several alien in the ring to be able to be hailed as the champion. The champion would get something, but it is not revealed to everyone.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to defeat your opponent in a joust. You need to make them fall till they don't have lives left to continue the battle. Each time that the enemy fell, you earn a money. The money can be used to buy better weapon and mount. The game becomes harder and more difficult, so you need the upgrade as quickly as you can. To upgrade your striking power, buy a better weapon and to toughen up your character, you need a better mount. Of course, your timing will be playing a big role in this game too.

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